Thirty Feet Per Second

by Andrew Gallix

My girlfriend has just left the flat, never to return. I can still smell the scent of her perfume in the room. I can hear her receding footsteps in the corridor. When I was a kid, there were two different ways to go home, both equidistant. Every day, me and my sister would split up outside the school gates and see who would get there first. As I open the window I think of the future that could have been, of the kids we will never have. Every day they will split up outside the school gates and see who gets home first. We will hear their footsteps coming up the garden path. Standing on the windowsill, prelapsarian, I watch her winding down the six flights of stairs, carrying her blue suitcase. There are two ways to go home, both equidistant, but mine's the quickest. Last one's a sissy.

Copyright © 2002 Andrew Gallix

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