Our writer, Mary McCluskey, had her story accepted by Atlantic Unbound, the Web version of the Atlantic Monthly. Another writer, Beverly Lucey, had her story published in All Story Extra, the Net edition of Francis Coppola's Zoetrope.

11/00. We have nominated several of our writers for the prestigious Pushcart Prize. Beverly Carol Lucey for her "Waiting for the Flight," Jennifer Macaire for her "Honey On Your Skin," Steve Frederick for his "La Luna de Los Tres Limones" and Eric Bosse for his "Eight Years Later."

12/00. Our editor, Sue O'Neill, just had her collection of short stories accepted by Ballantine Books and had two non-fictional pieces published in Adventure Cyclist and Chatahoochie Review. Our Publisher, Mark Budman, has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Exquisite Corpse magazine.

1/01. Our writer Jason Gurley has his story published by Mississippi Review and another one picked up by The Rio Grande Review.

2/01. Our writer Eric Bosse's story has appeared in Francis Coppola's Zoetrope ASE. Kiersten Marek's story was published in Conspire.

6/01. Our Publisher Mark Budman's story has been accepted for publication by Virginia Quarterly magazine.

9/01. Our editor Sue O'Neill's story collection is out now. Here is the page to link to it.

11/01. The staff of Vestal Review is pleased to nominate the following stories for the Pushcart Prize:

 "Dizzy" by Jurgen Fauth,
"Reading Sex" by Ryan Nelson,
"The Bookkeeper's Treasure" by Candi Chu,
"Exercise" by Bruce Taylor.

12/01. Our editor Sue O'Neill is listed under Notable Essays of 2000 in "Best American Essays 2001" for The Surgeon's Little Helpers ( Chattahoochie Review, Summer).

5/02. The staff of Vestal Review is pleased to nominate the following stories for Mild Horse Press Anthology, the Pushcart of the e-world:

"An Encounter by the Senses" by Ann Mohin
and "Exercise" by Bruce Taylor.

7/02-8/02. Look for Bob Thurber's short fictions online at:

Taint Magazine
Linnaean Street
The Paumanok Review
Conversely Magazine
Tatlin's Tower

and "9 Fictions" in the print editon of:
Oasis Magazine
P.O. Box 626
Largo, Florida 34649-0626.

9/02. Bruce Taylor's story "Exercise" from Issue 7 has been selected for prestigious e2ink anthology published by Mild Horse Press.

10/02. Vestal Review is now listed in the 2003 issue of the Writer's Market.

11/02. The staff of Vestal Review is pleased to nominate the following stories for the Pushcart Prize:

"Preservation" by Danielle LaVaque-Manty
"All It Loves" by Avital Gad-Cykman
"Theagenes Remembers" by Sonya Taaffe
"Snapdragons" by Alex Irvine

12/02. Paul Toth's novel Fizz will be published in late 2003 by Bleak House Books.

7/03. Ryan Nelson, the author of "Reading Sex," a Pushcart nominee, passed away at the age of 24. We will remember you, Ryan.

12/03. The staff of Vestal Review is pleased to nominate the following stories for the Pushcart Prize:

"My Earthquake" by Zett Aguado from issue 12.
"Cloud Run" by William R. Eakin from issue 13
"No Questions Asked" by Patrick Weekes from issue 13
"The House Broods Over Us" by Bruce Boston from issue 14

3/04: Our author Maxim D. Shrayer is pleased to announce the publication of "Jonah and Sarah: Jewish Stories of Russia and America," that he edited and translated. These stories evoke art, love, and survival in Russia and in diaspora. The link is here.
"We have been waiting a long while for a new collection of Jewish tales to arrive and finally they are here. . . . An excellent collection... Highly recommended." Ray Bradbury

3/04: Sue O'Neill's Don't Mean Nothing is published in paperback by UMass Press. Congratulations, Sue!

6/04: Mark Budman's essay and two flashes have been accepted for publication by Iowa Review and McSweeney's.

6/04: Bruce Boston's collection Pitchblende (Dark Regions Press) has received the Bram Stoker Award from HWA (Horror Writers Association) for the best poetry collection of 2003.

11/04: Bruce Holland Rogers won the World Fantasy Award for the best fantasy story published in English in 2003.

11/04: Mark Budman was interviewed on NPR on November 16 on the subject of flash fiction.

11/04: Sue O'Neill and Mark Budman are pleased to nominate the following stories published in 2004 for the Pushcart Prize:

"Clawd" by G.W. Cox from issue 17

"John Smith" by Marcia Aldrich from issue 18

"Three Soldiers" by Bruce Holland Rogers from issue 18

"Rapture" by Gayle Brandeis from issue 18.

12/04: Sue O'Neill and Mark Budman are pleased to nominate the following stories for The Fountain Award: Bruce Boston's "Thinning the Bicycle Hoards" and Rusty Barnes' "Death Angels."

3/05: We are adding three new associate editors: H. A. Fleming, Dan McNeil and Thea Atkinson. Welcome aboard!

3/05: Bruce Boston's "Signs You Could Be a Clone" placed second in the 2005 Strange Horizons' Readers' Poll for Poetry. A complete list of the winners and runners-up in all categories, with links to the stories, poems, art, etc., can be found here.

3/05: Vestal Review is permanently featured on Web Del Sol now.

5/05: Bruce Boston's poem "Why Your Robot Dog Has Been Recalcitrant" has won the Balticon 39 Poetry Award. Marge Simon's poem "South" was the third-place winner. The awards carry cash prizes, publication in the convention booklet and online, and free memberships to Balticon 39 or 40 to read the winning poems.

5/05: Bruce Boston's poem "Heavy Weather" has won the 2005 Asimov's Readers' Choice Award. You can find "Heavy Weather" in the August 2004 Asimov's SF Magazine and also on the poetry/fiction page of Bruce's website.

8/05: A story from Vestal Review issue 13 "Sleeping" by Katharine Weber has been selected for the new WW Norton anthology of flash fiction entitled "Flash Fiction Forward." The last such anthology was published in 1996. Mark Budman’s story "A Patriotic Angel," from Mississippi Review VOL 9 NO 1: WINTER 2003 was selected as well.

10/05: Bruce Holland Rogers’ new collection of short-shorts, The Keyhole Opera, is now out from Wheatland Press.

11/05: The staff of Vestal Review is pleased to nominate the following stories for the Pushcart Prize:

 1. From issue 20: “Parting Ways” by Randall DeVallance
2. From issue 20: “The Mouth,” by Lincoln Michel
3. From issue 21: “How People Leave,” by Melissa Morrer
4. From issue 21: “Corporate Cocktails” By Heather Williams
5. From issue 22: “The greatness of the Forger,” by Nick Parker
6. From issue 23: “A Finger in the Freezer” by Clare Kirwan

11/05: Sue O'Neill's short story, "The Bingo Game," is now available on Amazon Shorts for 49 cents.

12/05. Ania Vesenny and MaryAnne McCollister have joined the Vestal Review staff as associate editors. Dan McNeil and Thea Atkinson left to pursue other goals. Thank you, Thea and Dan.

3/06. Sue O'Neill's short story, “Walking Funerals and High-Heeled Pumps,” is now available on Amazon Shorts for 49 cents.

4/06. Mark Budman’s personal photography exhibition runs in the Black Bear Winery during the month of April.

4/06 Bruce Boston's latest collection, “Flashing the Dark: Forty Short Fictions,” including five reprints from Vestal Review, is just out from Sam's Dot Publishing. Cover image, details, and ordering info can be found at http://hometown.aol.com/bruboston/flashingthedark.html

6/06. Bruce Boston's collaborative poem with Robert Frazier, "Return to the Mutant Rain Forest," received first place in the 2006 Locus Online Poll http://www.locusmag.com/2006/Features/06_PoetryPollResults.html
for the best all-time science fiction, fantasy, or horror poem. Bruce also had four other poems place in the top ten.

6/06. Congratulations to Ania Vesseny and Mark Budman on becoming finalists at Binnacle magazine ultra-short stories competition.

July 06. Sue O’Neill’s “Things that Go Bump in the Night” appeared on Amazon Shorts

August 06. Her essay “The Hungry Ghosts” appeared on Amazon Shorts

August 06. Sue O'Neill was featured in the documentary, Viet Nam Nurses, with Dana Delaney, on WE network.

9/06. Bruce Boston’s “When the Carnival Spills...." from Vestal Review, October 2005, received an Honorable Mention in Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 19 (St. Martin's).

11/06 The staff of Vestal Review is pleased to nominate the following stories for the Pushcart Prize:

"Diamond District" by Katharine Weber, issue 24
"One Letter, Three Women" by Dianne Rees, issue 24
"The White Cat" by Gordon Grice, issue 25
"Disintegration" by Kelly Spitzer, issue 26
"Ready to Wear" by Saundra Mitchell, issue 27

12/06 The story "The White Cat" by Gordon Grice from issue 25, was chosen by novelist Jaimee Wriston Colbert to be included in the 2006 Best of the Net Anthology. "The White Cat" will be reprinted along with five other stories and showcased for the next year on the Best of the Net website.

2/07 Cheryl Chambers and Tania Hershman joined our staff as first readers. Ania Vesseny and Heather Williams left us. Thank you, Ania and Heather.

3/07 Bruce Boston's novel The Guardener's Tale will be released by Sam's Dot Publishing on April 15. Cover image, details, and blurbs from Paul Di Filippo, Mary Turzillo, and Gene O'Neill can be found here.

3/07 Mark Budman has sold his novel "My Life at First Try" to Counterpoint.

4/07 Bruce Boston's Shades Fantastic (Gromagon Press) has won the Bram Stoker Award from the Horror Writers Association for the best dark poetry collection of 2006. For details, and a complete list of the winners, visit this website.

6/07 Tania Hershman's first short story collection, The White Road and Other Stories, will be published by Salt Publishing in 2008.

6/07 The flash fiction anthology "You Have Time for This" that Mark Budman has co-edited will be published by Ooligan press in November 2007.

7/07 Group Six Film is making a movie from Katharine Weber's Sleeping.

9/07 Bruce Boston's novel The Guardener's Tale has been selected as a Prometheus Award Nominee.

The Prometheus Award is presented each year by the Libertarian Futurist Society at the World Science Fiction Convention to a science fiction or fantasy novel "whose plots, themes, characters and/or specific issues reflect the values of personal freedom and human rights, or which seriously or satirically critique tyranny or abuses of power--especially unchecked government power."

Further details are here.

10/07 Tania Hershman's "Drinking Vodka in the Afternoon," will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 this Wednesday, Oct 3rd, at 3.30pm. You can listen to it that day on the website and for 7 days afterwards at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/arts/afternoon_reading.shtml

11/07 Vestal Review has nominated the following authors for 33rd Pushcart:

Issue 28: "Baby Skin," by Chandler Jenrette

Issue 29: "Living in Shades of White," By Nicholas J. Salzmann

Issue 30: "Four Hard Facts about Water," by Damian Dressick.

Issue 31: "On Being Alone," by Bryan Wang

Issue 31: "Unraveled" By Charles Lennox

11/07 Mark Budman's and Tom Hazuka's anthology You Have Time for This came out from Ooligan Press

2/08 Tony Varallo won the 2008 Drue Heinz Prize for his second short story collection, Out Loud. The University of Pittsburgh Press will publish the collection in the fall.  The judge was Scott Turow.

2/08 Bruce Boston's novel The Guardener's Tale is on the Final Ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards presented by the Horror Writers Association.

2/08 Marge Simon's collaborative poetry collection with Charlee Jacob, Vectors: A Week in the Death of a Planet, is on the Final Ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards presented by the Horror Writers Association.

 3/08 Bruce Boston's novel "The Guardener's Tale" has sold for Spanish translation and publication to La Factoria De Ideas. A trade paper edition will appear in spring 2009.

3/08 Group Six Film has completed making a movie from Katharine Weber's Sleeping. Watch the trailer here.

4/08 Marge Simon has received the Bram Stoker award for poetry for VECTORS: A Week in the Death of a Planet

5/08 "You Have Time for This" flash fiction anthology received a Silver Award in the Publishers Association of the West Book Design Awards. The book earned the silver for its excellence in the Short Stories/Poetry/Anthologies category. PubWest  announced  the winners on its website.

5/08 Bruce Boston's poem "The Dimensional Rush of Relative Primes" has won the 2008 Asimov's Readers' Award for the best poem published in Asimov's SF Magazine in 2007. The poem appeared in the April-May 2007 issue, and in the author's collection Shades Fantastic (Gromagon Press).  You can read it free online at the Gromagon Press site.  

11/08 Mark Budman's novel "My Life at First Try" came out from Counterpoint Press in November 2008. It's available in book stores nationwide and received good reviews from Kirkus Review, Booklist, Publishers Weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, and was featured in Ingram's Advance. It received 3.5 stars out of 4 from People Magazine (12/08/08).

5/09 Marcela Fuentes'  story An Ugly Man was selected  for Best of the Web 2009

6/09 Sue O'Neill won the third place in Writer's Digest 2009 Short Short Fiction  Contest. 

7/09 Bruce Boston's  latest poetry collection, Double Visions, is just out from Dark Regions Press.  Double Visions contains his collaborations with ten other speculative poets.

10/09 Caleb Ross's Charactered Pieces  stories is to be released on November 16th through OW Press.