We now meet all the criteria for professional publication
                                as defined by Science Fiction Writers of America
                                and therefore a publication in VR might count as a credit
                                toward SFWA membership, depending on the payment
                                (you do the math). Here is an excerpt from their FAQ:

                                "Naturally, all credentials used toward
                                membership must be in the science fiction or
                                fantasy genre. For purposes of membership
                                eligibility, a "professional" periodical must
                                meet four criteria: 1) It must be published on
                                a regular basis, i.e. no fewer than three issues
                                within one year of the publication of the
                                qualifying story; 2) it must have a minimum
                                paid circulation of 2,000 copies per issue; 3)
                                it must be in the English language; and 4) it
                                must pay at least $.03 per word. Book
                                publishers must appear in Literary Market

                                Though VR is free, it still counts!