The fifth issue of Vestal Review that is coming around All Fools Day and Tax Day is "mostly humor." The name of this theme derives from "mostly Mozart." Like everything else in life, there is no pure black or pure white. They add salt to cakes for a good reason, and sex sometimes leads to a difficult childbirth.

Most of the stories here are humorous, but a couple are not.

Humor is a difficult trade. Just look at sitcoms. Don't they have to clue the audience when to laugh? How else would they squeeze laughter from the majority of viewers? To them, it's like squeezing the tooth paste from an empty tube.

What passes for humor for one person, is silliness or worse for the other. For some watching a woman slip on a banana peel is hilarious. For another, all standup comedians are bores.

We hope that the stories in this issue of Vestal Review will appeal to your sense of humor. Laugh with us, dear reader, but when you get to a non-humorous story, don't be sad. Thank you.

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