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Vestal Review

A Flash Fiction


Web Issue 31

October 2007

On Being Alone

By Bryan Wang

While Jun Chen lay motionless and silent and Andrew murmured, "Oh Christ, Oh Jesus Christ," and Bobbie screamed, "We only meant to scare him, jackass," I reflected on how the situation would have differed had I been alone, unchained from the others, free to act as I saw fit without regard to the expectations of Andrew and Bobbie or anyone else, or what I perceived to be their expectations...



By Charles Lennox

The furniture is in disarray. Dining room chairs in the kitchen in stacks of threes and an empty bookcase in the downstairs bathroom obstructing the toilet and all the floor mats and couch pillows nailed to the wall where family photographs once hung like medals. I look everywhere for the photographs but they are gone.


Extra White and Chromey

By Martin Brick


By Billy Middleton

So you're broken down on the side of the road.  It's two in the morning, and the man whose door you just knocked on tells you it's too late for you to be knocking on doors.  You tell him you work the night shift at the paper mill and you're having car trouble.  He squints at you, but steps aside to let you in.



By Roberta Allen

At the party, I watched the bald ethnobotanist, who never got over losing his beautiful, sweet, kind, charming, funny, wonderful, perfect wife to lung cancer, dive nude into the pool where, at least for several minutes while doing a masterful crawl, he could not make snide or sarcastic remarks which, if you were female, were all you ever heard; but in his favor...


Only Venting

By Roberta Allen

Quitting Smoking

By Jamey Genna




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