Vestal Review Issue 32 January 2008
Mark Budman is the Publisher/Editor/Webmaster. Mark has many online and print publications to his name in  Mississippi Review, Virginia Quarterly, Exquisite Corpse, Web Del Sol, Iowa Review, Turnrow, The Bloomsbury Review, McSweeney's and elsewhere. He writes fiction, poetry, and, of course, flash stories. One of his flashes has been printed in the new WW Norton anthology Flash Fiction Forward. This is his incomplete Bibliography.

Sue O'Neill is the co-editor. She has worked as a reporter/photographer/columnist for two weekly newspapers. Sue has been published over the years in a few national magazines, a couple of regional glossies and many, many local newspapers. Her collection of short stories, Don't Mean Nothing, was published in November of 2001 by Ballantine Books. Here is her Web page

MaryAnne McCollister is the Senior Associate Editor, and Cheryl Chambers and Tania Hershman are the first readers.