This is a special feature, Humor 41, in honor of April Fools’ Day. We were looking for humorous stories 41 words or fewer (fourth month, the first day).

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Two winners determined by a readers’ poll get either a copy of our editor, Mark Budman’s book “My Life at First Try” or our editor Sue O’Neill’s “Don’t Mean Nothing.”

Publishers Weekly described “My Life at First Try” this way: “This blazingly fast and funny ‘semi-autobiographical’ novel follows a Russian man’s comically earnest pursuit of the American dream.”

From “Don’t Mean Nothing” review:

“With remarkable restraint and uncommon poignancy, O’Neill . . . delivers assertions of humanity from the depths of a barbarous war.”—Boston Magazine

The following entries are the runner-ups. Please vote for the your favorite entry.

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I’m Dead

by Vincent Poturica

I’m Dead. And I still don’t know anything.

Answered Prayer

by James Valvis

Kneeling, an old man prayed all day.

The priest was impressed. “What are you praying for?” the priest asked.

“You, Father.”


“Yes. My knees locked, so I was praying for someone to happen by and help me up.

News from Nairobi

by Bruce McAllister

Babar and Celeste, understanding at last how insufferably colonial their rule has been, and only slightly less embarrassingly the degree to which they have for so long enjoyed “gray privilege,” have stepped down.  –Reuters


Passion in the Time of Prohibition

by John Murray Lewis

Inspector O’Grady nursed his bourbon. He made love to it. Later, they would enjoy a few short years of happiness together. But tonight, there was a case to solve: just who was flooding the speakeasy scene with attractive, sentient hooch?