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Issue 46                  Summer 2014
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Welcome to issue 46. It contains new Tombstone entries and six flash fiction stories.

Vestal Review gives you, here in issue 46, six little gems of fiction. In each of these—as in most, perhaps all, good stories—things are not really as they seem.

What better way to celebrate this unsettled season, fickle Fall, as it waffles between the sunlit distinction of summer and the hard certainty of winter?

Come, walk the shifting landscape with our expert guides: A.W. Marshall, Claire Tristram, Dana Kroos, Sam Wilson, Doug Ramspeck and Julia Patt. Come poke beneath the piles of fading leaves, to tease out the reality in a bird’s contracted claws, the tears of a mother, the mind of the singed survivor, the pout below the wig, the ghost of a dying man’s past, the too-glib owners of broken skin.vrsmall

And, hey—why not consider the humor in your own finality? In this haunted season, you simply must pick a few choice words to decorate your tombstone.

Because who knows—it might earn you ten bucks.

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The winning selection receives a prize of $100 and a publication in Vestal Review, and the runner-up entry gets publication in Vestal Review at our usual terms. There is no nomination fee.


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