Issue 48

 Welcome to Issue 48, Fall 2015.


Boston, MA. Copyright © 2015 Mark Budman

Nobody can deny that citizens of the United States are overwhelmed by the abundance of national holidays. Just for November 1, we have:

National Authors’ Day

National Family Literacy Day

National  Cook For Your Pets Day

National Vinegar Day

National Deep Fried Clams Day

National Brush Day

How about one more holiday in November, if that is not enough? How about the National Read Flash Fiction Day? Sounds too parochial and flashy? Then maybe something simpler and more inclusive: National Read Fiction Day. Or simpler yet and ultimately inclusive: National Read Day.

On a day like that (and the other 364 days of the year), we offer this just-released online issue 48 of Vestal Review.  Five brand-new stories and two winners of the Vestal Review 2014 Flash Fiction Award. A reason to celebrate.

Copyright © 2015 Mark Budman

Stories of Issue 48.

Babble, Babel by Elizabeth Eve King

Bump in the Night by Paul Negri

Burial of Babylon by Josh Stenberg

Full Story by Joscelyn Willett

The Only Things I Didn’t Love About My Wife: by Martin C. Hansen


Also included in this issue are the winners of Vestal Review 2014 Flash Fiction Award:

First place. Fireworks by Matthew Fogarty (originally published in Pithead Chapel)

Second place. Resurrection Man: A Litany by Sarah Martin Banse (originally published in Harvard Review)

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